Year 6 get Splurging with Bugsy Malone!

Set in New York in 1929, the story tells of a war raging between two rival gangsters, Fat Sam and Dandy Dan. Dan is in possession of the new ‘Splurge Gun’ and with the custard pies flying, Sam turns to the charming Bugsy Malone for help. Unfortunately, Bugsy has problems of his own having fallen for Blousey Brown, a singer at Fat Sam’s bar, while having to fight off the seductive advances of songstress, Tallulah.

The lead was played wonderfully well by Finn Rami who never missed a cue and fully engaged members of the audience in the story, delivering his lines with a highly convincing American accent in a casual and matter of fact manner, consistent with the personality of the character. Adam Mirza and Adi Ray shrugged off their initial inhibitions to play Blousey and Tallulah with great panache and the rest of the cast performed with humour and confidence. In the role of Fat Sam, Nathaniel Haywood-Wakeman was outstanding and clearly has the potential to develop his fledgling acting career greatly in the years ahead.

The catchy musical interludes were performed by a band of professional musicians, many of whom work at the school, under the direction of Mrs Cath Butler and contributed to the feeling that this was rather more than just another school production. Yet it was the input of Rachel Green, Head of Performing Arts, which ultimately made the difference and left audiences amazed by what can be achieved by a group of children at such a young age.

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