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Our greatest strength

Our Staff

Perhaps the greatest strength of the school lies in its staff. West House boasts a team of loyal and experienced professionals dedicated to raising standards year on year.

Subject specialists manage and deliver a broad and carefully designed programme of study to ensure that pupils access a rich variety of learning opportunities. The teaching of the core curriculum is supported by:

  • A full time head of Performing Arts
  • Five dedicated PE specialists specifically qualified in coaching cricket, football, swimming and rugby
  • Two dedicated music specialists supported by 13 peripatetic music teachers
  • Experienced and well-qualified teaching assistants
  • Extensive use of ICT and mobile technologies
  • Rigorous 11 plus preparation

Mr Alistair M J Lyttle


Mr. Lyttle's View

From the moment I walked through the doors to West House as a boy in 1980, I loved my prep school days. The school was relaxed but purposeful, extremely friendly and bursting with opportunities significantly beyond those which I had encountered in my previous school.

The legacy of that experience underpins the way I feel about what West House should offer its pupils today. Above all else, I want to see the children rushing into school and wanting to be in the thick of things, eager to face fresh challenges and thriving on successes that come their way. While academic rigour lies at the heart of what we do, it is so often the supporting curriculum which provides the most memorable moments – playing cricket in the 1st XI, winning the inter-house music competition or performing on stage in front of a packed house. These are the moments that the boys will hold dear for many years to come.

West House is truly unique. Parents embrace the open door policy; they like the informality and the fact that they can approach even the most senior staff without the need to book appointments in advance; they whole-heartedly support the work of the school and revel in the achievements of their sons.

West House is a small independent preparatory school for boys with a reputation for punching far above its weight. By combining the very best of our traditions with a desire to be at the forefront of innovation, the school provides an outstanding education which will prepare our children for life in the middle part of the 21st century.

Alistair M J Lyttle

Mrs Emma Patel
BEd (Hons)


Mrs Patel's View

I think boys thrive at West House because they are allowed to be boys. They are supported not just academically but also emotionally, to be the very best that they can be.  Our Code of Conduct provides a very strong guiding light to the boys to be good West House citizens. Our tailored curriculum and opportunities appeal to the boys' interests and the way in which they learn - actively and, on occasions, loudly! The boys love coming to school and enjoy the variety on offer. We must be doing something right as our results speak for themselves.

So why do parents choose West House?
It is not just the product of good results but the process by which they are achieved.  The ethos of care and understanding is extended to the parents and embodied by our open door policy.

But undoubtedly the best part of my job is watching the boys blossom into delightful young men.

What makes WHS special?
The boys.

Emma Patel
Deputy Head

Mrs Ann Doyle

Bursar & Secretary
to the Board of Governors

Mrs Doyle's View

Having joined West House in 1990 from a commercial background, I have been privileged to take an active part in the development and growth of both the School and Early Years over many years. Working with staff and the school Governors to provide the best possible opportunities for West House children, improve facilities and resources and to see the school flourish is immensely satisfying.

Tradition is, for me, a key element of what sets West House apart. The historical legacy is something we can all be extremely proud of. Generation after generation of West House boys create years of childhood memories and the school oozes warmth. It’s wonderful to see past pupils return to support the school and to enrol their own children, grandchildren and recommend West House to their extended family and friends.

Ann Doyle

Mr Jon D Robinson
BA (Hons) with QTS

Director of

Mr Robinson's View

When I was training to be a teacher, I hoped to become part of an educational community in which a rich and varied range of learning opportunities was available to students so they would all have many opportunities to fulfil their potential.

West House School is precisely the kind of establishment of which I was thinking and it has been my privilege and pleasure to have seen, and indeed continue to see,  generations of young people enjoying rising to the challenge.

Jon Robinson
Director of Studies

Mrs Paula Cusack
BA (Hons)

Head of EYFS & Designated
Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Cusack's View

West House provides an inspiring journey with many exciting steps to climb. The opportunities are endless and offer a range of learning experiences for every child. My job is rewarding and I am proud to be a part of a community that works so closely together for the benefit of the children.

I am passionate about providing the best start for the children so that they can develop into enthusiastic explorers of the world around them. As a parent myself, it is a pleasure to see how each child is valued as an individual so that by the time the boys leave, they are well mannered, confident and fully prepared for the next stage in their lives.

Paula Cusack
Head of EYFS

Mrs Aimee Joseph
BA (Hons)

Assistant Head EYFS (Pastoral)
& Senior Holiday Club Lead

Mrs Joseph's View

Since I have been working within the Early Years Department at West House School it has been a pleasure to be part of the team that welcomes families through the doors each morning. We are always on hand to attend to the needs of both the children and parents as they eagerly arrive.  It is the first establishment that I’ve worked in where children cry because they don’t want to leave!

West House School offers a vibrant and enriching learning environment which gives every child a chance to succeed. It is hugely rewarding to watch the children grow and leave the Early Years Department equipped with a fine understanding of the Seven Areas of Learning which defies their tender years.

Aimee Jospeh
Assistant Head EYFS

Miss Rachel Grace

Assistant Head
(Foundation Stage)

Miss Grace's View

From the moment I walked through the big red doors to West House, I have cherished every adventure that the children and I have had the pleasure of experiencing. I joined West House as a newly qualified teacher and immediately immersed myself into everything the school had to offer. Working with fantastic colleagues, parents and of course the children make waking up and coming into work each day so easy.

My role at West House School as changed over the years but everything continues to be as exciting as it was when if first arrived, as I wear my many hats of Reception Classroom Teacher, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and Assistant Head Foundation Stage.

We aim to provide a welcoming, warm and caring environment in which every child thrives. With so many extra-curricular opportunities available, every child is able to find something they can do that allows them shine. From our youngest children in Nursery to our oldest boys in Year 6 I can safely say that as each child leaves West House we have provided them with school days that they will never forget.

Rachel Grace
Assistant Head Foundation Stage

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  • School Term Dates 2021
  • Autumn Term 2021 Begins - Mon 6th Sept
  • Half Term - Thurs 21st Oct to Fri 29th Oct
  • Term Ends - Wed 15th Dec
  • Spring Term 2022 Begins - Thurs 6th Jan
  • Half Term - Mon 21st to Fri 25th Feb
  • Term Ends - Wed 6th Apr
  • Summer Term 2022 Begins - Mon 25th Apr
  • Half Term - Mon 30th May to Fri 3rd June
  • Term Ends - Tues 12th July
  • Autumn Term Begins - Wed 7th Sept

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