Standard terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions


The Standard Terms and Conditions refer to both ‘West House School’ and ‘the School’. These terms cover the entire age range for which the school is registered, from the Nursery form to Year 6 (ages 1 – 11 years).

West House School consists of three departments – The Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery, Kindergarten, Pre-School and Reception), Pre-Prep (Years 1 & 2) and Prep (Years 3 – 6).

Admission Procedure

Boys are admitted to all year groups of West House School and girls are admitted to Nursery, Kindergarten and Pre-School classes in line with the Admissions and Admissions Register Policy, copies of which are available to view via the website and from the school office.

A non-refundable registration fee is payable when a registration form is forwarded to the School. As at September 2013 the fee is £65.

Places within Nursery, Kindergarten and Pre-School are offered on a ‘first comers’ basis in line with the Admissions and Admissions Register Policy and subject to at least one satisfactory pre-start visit. Before entering the School, boys scheduled for places in Reception and above must satisfy the School's entry requirements, in line with the Admissions Policy.

Applications from external pupils are followed by an informal visit by the prospective pupil, with a reading and spelling test for entry into Years 1 and 2. Pupils entering Years 3 to 6 undergo a reading and spelling test and an assessment in Mathematics.

Following the offer of a place, parents are required to complete an Entry Form to secure the place for their child. This should be returned to the School, along with a deposit of £200 which is offset against the first term’s fees.

In the event that the pupil fails to take up the place following the return of the Entry Form and the school is not notified in writing before the first day of the term prior to that in which the pupil is due to start, a full term’s fees in lieu of notice will be due.

Moving from Pre-School to Reception for existing boys is automatic and not usually subject to academic ability. However, the School reserves the right to refuse transfer to Reception when, after having made reasonable adjustments, it does not believe that it has the specialist facilities or skills amongst the staff to meet specific individual physical, educational, emotional or behavioural needs.

Parents of boys in Pre-School are required to sign a Reception Transfer Form circulated at the end of the Autumn Term immediately prior to the start of the Reception year. This allows the school to allocate accurately a number of places to external pupils. Notice of withdrawal of boys at the end of Pre-School must still be provided in writing at least one term in advance.

Admission to Year 3 (moving from Pre-Prep to Prep) from within the school is not subject to academic ability. However, the School reserves the right to refuse transfer to Year 3 when, after having made reasonable adjustments, it does not believe that it has the specialist facilities or skills amongst the staff to meet specific individual physical, educational, emotional or behavioural needs.

The school is registered with the UK Borders Agency and accepts applications for entry in line with the policy on the Recruitment of Overseas Students, but does not actively recruit from overseas.


The Board of Governors reserves the right to increase fees at any time, though parents will be given at least half a term’s notice in writing. The term “fees” includes the School fee and charges for extras incurred by, or on behalf of, the pupil.

All children attending West House School are covered by the provisions of the Pupils` Personal Accident Insurance Scheme, which is administered by Marsh Insurance Services. Termly premiums are incorporated within the current fee structure.

Fees for each term are payable before the first day of term. A full term’s notice, in writing, (or fees in lieu thereof) is required before the removal of a pupil from any year group within the School, other than at the conclusion of the period for which the school is registered to educate (i.e. the end of the final term of the academic year in which the pupil is required by the school to leave). A 'full term' constitutes notice to be received before the first day of the term preceding a pupil's departure. For example, intention to leave at the end of the Spring Term must be received before the first day of the Spring Term. The receipt of such notice must be acknowledged by the School and it is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that notice has been acknowledged.

Without prejudice to the above, the School reserves the right to refuse admission to a pupil after half term, where fees for that term have not been paid in full. In the event of payment of fees being in arrears, the School reserves the right to require a surcharge to be paid at the rate of 2% per month for each calendar month for which the arrears remain unpaid.

Liability for the payment of fees is joint and several for parents of any pupil at the School who have signed the Conditions and Entry form, or for any person who has accepted responsibility for the pupil.

School fees must be paid even in the case of absence due to injury, illness or any other cause. Voluntary insurance cover against such absence is available through The School Fees Protection Scheme, administered by Marsh Insurance Services. This applies to pupils in Reception to Year 6 only.

Fees paid by instalment are subject to a surcharge of 3%. An agreement by West House School to accept payment of fees by standing order, or by direct debit, or by any other method for payment of fees by instalment will automatically cease in the event of any default for 30 days or more.

The Provision of Education

While the School will use its reasonable endeavours to educate pupils by means of tuition and extra-curricular activity in accordance with the traditions of the School and good practice in the education of young people, it will not be liable for any failure of a pupil to attain any academic or other standard.

The School reserves the right to make alterations at any time to the way in which the School is run, its situation or any part of it and to any other aspect of the School, its management or organisation, without affecting these terms and conditions.

Information provided to parents/guardians and others concerning the character, examination performance and further education prospects of pupils will be given in good faith, but without liability on the part of the School.

Parents/guardians will be notified if it appears that a pupil is falling behind in his/her studies or if the School believes that there is sufficient evidence to suggest the possibility of a specific learning difficulty. Additional input can be arranged, but the School does not undertake to diagnose conditions consistent with dyslexia, dyscalculia, attention deficit disorder or poor visual acuity.

The School will, on request, advise parents/guardians as to how they may, at their own expense, obtain specialist advice, but will not endorse individual specialists. The School may act upon any recommendations made by specialists where it has the capacity to do so. Ultimately, should the School consider that it does not have the expertise or capacity to address a pupil’s individual needs, the parents will be informed.

Care & Good Discipline

The Headmaster is responsible for the care and good discipline of all pupils in the School and for all matters affecting the day to day running of the School, including the fixed term and permanent exclusion of pupils in line with the Policy on Pupil Exclusion. Parents/guardians and pupils are required to accept the authority and the judgement of the Headmaster, who will act in accordance with relevant policies at all times.

The School attaches great importance to good manners, integrity and good self - discipline. All pupils are expected to attend regularly and punctually. They should take a full part in School activities and should contribute to the aims, ethos and expectations of West House School. They should comply with School regulations with regard to the wearing of School uniform.

The School has an Anti-bullying Policy and a Policy on Pupil Behaviour, copies of which appear on the school website and may be obtained from the School Office.

Any concerns in relation to the care, discipline or progress of pupils should be addressed to the Headmaster without delay.

The Headmaster must be informed in writing if a pupil has a known disability, medical condition or an infectious/contagious disease or illness. Pupils with an infectious disease or illness must comply with the quarantine regulations as advised by the School’s medical advisor.

Periodically the School will provide confidential notice to teaching staff outlining any pupil disabilities, illnesses, allergies or other conditions of which the staff need to be aware in order to discharge their duty of care.

Parents/guardians will be informed as soon as possible if a pupil needs medical attention. In an emergency, the School, “in loco parentis”, will act in accordance with procedures laid down by a medical practitioner as necessary for the pupil’s safety and well being. Parents/guardians are required to complete a Medical Treatment in School form when a pupil starts at West House School, together with a consent form for sight and hearing tests, a Dietary Requirements form, and an Asthma form, where applicable.

The Headmaster should be informed immediately, in writing, of any court orders relating to a pupil where the school is implicated e.g., concerning parental responsibility, residence, contact, prohibited steps, or any situations of risk. A personal visit to the Headmaster should be made in case of urgency.

A copy of the School’s Child Protection Policy is available on the website or from the School Office.

The Headmaster should be informed, in writing, if for any reason a pupil is to be removed from School premises during the school day.

Pupils may not be absent from School without the prior permission of the Headmaster, except in the case of illness, when the School should be notified by telephone before 9.00am. Confirmation of the absence should be handed in on the pupil’s return to School, using the Absence Due to Illness form. These forms are circulated at the beginning of the academic year and are also available to download from the website.

When, during the school week, both parents will be absent from the pupil's home for a 24 hour period or longer, the School requires, in writing, the name, address and telephone number for 24 hour contact of the adult to whom parental responsibility has been delegated “in loco parentis”.

The School does not accept responsibility for accidental injury or loss or damage of property. Items of value should not be brought to school. All property should be clearly marked with the owner’s name. The School undertakes to maintain such insurances as are required by law. All other insurances are the responsibility of parents/guardians.


A pupil may remain at the School so long as the Headmaster is satisfied with his/her academic progress and general behaviour.

The Headmaster has the right, forthwith and without notice, to exclude a pupil on a fixed term or permanent basis where, in his opinion, it would be in the interests of the pupil or the School. Such action will be taken in accordance with the Policy on Pupil Discipline, the Anti-Bullying Policy and the Policy on Pupil Exclusion.

Under no circumstances is the School required to divulge any information obtained during the course of an investigation or the identities of boys or others who have given information in the course of such an investigation. If a pupil has been excluded from the school, he/she shall not enter the school premises without written permission from the Headmaster.

There will be no refund of fees for the balance of the term where such withdrawals are required, but a term's school fees will not be liable in lieu of notice.

The Headmaster may, at his discretion, require a pupil to be removed from the school where it is in the best interests of either that pupil or the school. Such action will not be deemed to be a permanent exclusion and fees in lieu of notice will not be due.

General Conditions

The prospectus should be read together with these terms and conditions. The prospectus is not intended to be a contractual document. Parents wishing to place specific reliance on a matter stated in the prospectus should seek written confirmation on that matter before entering this agreement.

The School reserves sole copyright in the performance (including any recording of such performance) of any musical, dramatic or artistic work by the School or by pupils for purposes associated with the artistic or cultural work of the School.

The School is registered under the Data Protection legislation and shall be at liberty to maintain records of information relating to a pupil, his/her immediate family and his/her attendance at the School, in human or machine readable form, and to use this information for the purposes of the management, administration and promotion of the School and its associated entities.

Michael Pratt Scholarships

By signing the Terms and Conditions document, parents acknowledge the fact that the school offers annual scholarships to both existing and external pupils. Such awards are made in line with the published criteria for the awarding of Michael Pratt Scholarships, a copy of which is available to view via the website or upon request from the school office.

Terms of Agreement

The offer of a guaranteed place and its acceptance by the parents/guardians constitute a formal agreement between them and the School for the education of the pupil named in the Confirmation of Entry form at the School. These Terms and Conditions contain all the terms which form the Agreement.

Please ensure that you read and understand this document.
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