Early Years Foundation Stage

Highly Qualified Teachers

Early Years Foundation Stage

We know that parents have the highest expectations of any private nursery in Birmingham. The main reason parents choose to send their children to our nursery is because of the care and attention we give to each child, making sure they are happy, settled and comfortable in their surroundings.

Our nursery children quickly forget their parents aren’t there and happily concentrate on the hard work of having fun and exploring the world around them!

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) welcomes both boys and girls from the age of 1 to 4 years old to an incredibly nurturing environment, supported by extremely generous staff to pupil ratios. Each child receives individual attention from our highly qualified teachers and key workers, along with a full-time member of staff responsible for the childrens’ health, safety and welfare.

The department is widely recognised as being a leading private nursery in Birmingham with the provision for the youngest children last inspected in May 2018. The inspection report can be seen here.

At the end of Pre-School, the majority of our girls transfer to local independent schools and we have established a strong link with Edgbaston High School for Girls.

Approach to learning

The Early Years:

Nursery and Kindergarten
For children aged 1 to 3 we focus on providing high quality learning experiences and encourage them to learn through play, to develop greater independence and to build relationships.

All children are unique and learn in different ways and at different rates; our highly qualified staff and generous staff ratios enable us to cater for the needs of each individual and to focus on specific areas of child development.

Foundation Stage:

Pre-school and Reception
For pupils aged between 3 and 5 years we focus on active learning through investigation, exploration, experimentation and play. Children are encouraged to develop independence and act in accordance with the high standards of behaviour that we expect.

We continue to focus on the developmental needs of each child, allowing them to make good progress as a result of a highly tailored approach. During their time with us each child is encouraged to develop confidence and social skills, a positive and caring attitude and an enthusiasm for learning.
Children’s needs are at the heart of the setting; staff know just when to interact and engage with children during their child-initiated activities and equally when to sit back and observe. They never miss an opportunity to further their language and communication skills, for example when introducing new words such a ‘scoop’ during sand play.
ISI Inspection Report June 2018

Our Nature Reserve

We’re lucky to have our very own nature reserve which provides all children with a great opportunity to learn in a hands-on and exciting way. We take them on woodland walks and encourage them to explore fully all of their senses as they study pond life and go on hunts for mini-beasts.

We use the passing of the seasons to show them how their environment physically changes and the children also learn how to treat animals with respect.


We encourage parents to become actively involved in their child’s school life from the outset. Before joining, we offer taster sessions to help your child settle in, and to allow you to feel confident that they are happy and settled.

Once your child is a pupil of the school, the teaching staff are always available at the start and end of every day for an informal chat and parents can discreetly observe the start of the day’s activities.
Independent Schools Inspectorate

Inspection Reports

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) undertakes Education Quality Inspections every 6 years. Our last EQI took place in June 2014 and the report is available to view here but we have summarised some of the key findings below:
“The quality of the provision is outstanding in meeting the needs of the range of children who attend the EYFS.”
“… the educational programmes are expertly adapted to the needs of the children in each classroom, which ensures that they experience a rich variety of activities, are enthused and are given opportunities to form close relationships.”
“… provision for children’s well-being is outstanding. Key people are skilled and experienced, and place children’s happiness and well-being at the centre of all they do.”
“… they make activities fun so that children are confident, enthusiastic and enjoy being at school.”

As part of the regular cycle of inspections, ISI also carries out Compliance Inspections every 3 years to ensure that the school is meeting its statutory requirements. The EYFS was fully inspected as part of this process in May 2018 and the report is available to view here. Again, we have summarised some of the key findings below:
“Children under the age of two years make rapid progress relative to their starting points and are well prepared for the next stage of their education. Excellent care and planning meets the needs of all the children. They are happy, safe and secure within their nurturing, family environment.”
“Children’s safety is of the utmost importance and thorough daily risk assessments are carried out.”
“Behaviour is exemplary because adults are calm and positive role models.”
“All children make excellent progress in relation to their different starting points. Children are happily engaged in their exciting activities and love the routine of the day.”
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